Shipping option for Air Purifier Store

It is time consuming to manage an E-commerce Air purifier business, optimize the landing page, do SEO task, branding, …. But the field that all of online air purifier retailers will face with is shipping. Why does shipping always make us overload? Because shipping is a very complex and messy element in business. Why did I said that? Let’s imagine that sending a package in post office take you 30 minutes for just waiting in line. Or spending hours to creating shipping labels, printing customer name, address, ….

But don’t worry about that anymore, here are some very extra-useful guide-line for you. Remember these tips for business, I make sure that you will be ahead of the shipping game. Today, Store Pickup will tell you the tips of Shipping option for Air Purifier Store.

Shipping option for Air Purifier Store – Make sure that your customers can see your refund policy

How to make a clear air purifier refund policy? Just put yourself  in your customers position. What are problems they will face with? The air purifier product isn’t fit, some of them are broken, the air purifier product is out of date because of too long delay on delivery. You should try to figure out what are the worst case the customers will deal with, give them some option to choose or surprise them with your perfection refund policy  like what Zappos do: free refund shipping.

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Shipping option for Air Purifier Store – Your customer write a wrong address by their careless

This is a common mistake of customers, they are careless when fill in the address box in check out page. The delivery company can’t find the owner of the address you give, what’s next? May be the air purifier product will be sent back to you or you have to make a phone call to the customers to confirm the exactly address. Try following solutions:

  • Ask customers fill in Zip code
  • Use google suggest address

Shipping option for Air Purifier Store – Use sticker to print the labels out

Instead of spending time and effort on cut the A4 to several pieces and print the labels on them, why don’t you use sticker to slap on the package and then print labels on them with a special printer called thermal printer. A considerable money amount will be saved with this trick.

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Shipping option for Air Purifier Store – Notice customers about your shipping fee

The thing that air purifier customers hate during the checkout process is hidden cost. And many air purifier companies have this mistake, show all of able cost that they will have to pay in the beginning of check out page. According to our research, average 60% of customers abandon their air purifier cart because of hidden cost. So, be honest with your customers!

Shipping option for Air Purifier Store – Help customer to choose the shipping company

Some of customers they want to choose the shipping company for them such as: FedEx, UPS, … because they believe in them. You should pleasure your customers by offer them the  right to choose who will ship their air purifier items with some extra cost. The fact prove that this method is extra-useful for retailers.

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Shipping option for Air Purifier Store – Surprise your customers first, they will come back to you!

It’s common for your air purifier business with some not sale products, may be it is out of season or not selling well in your air purifier inventory. Why don’t you give your customers with these products as some free surprise gift? They will be very impress with your business and come back with you latter.

To find the best air purifier brands, you should choose one from this best air purifier for allergies blog. We thanks Breathe Quality for this helpful source.

See? The shipping is not complicated and difficult to deal with, Follow our blog to master shipping element on E-commerce.