Teespring Case Study – Idea of Walker Williams

At the age of 27, Walker Williams is the person who has helped Millions make Millions, with his brilliant idea – Teespring.com.

Based in San Francisco, Walker currently acts as the Founder and CEO, and is a Bachelor of Arts and History from the Brown University.

During his growing years, he had many versions of what he wanted to become in life – a Cartoonist, a Writer, and later he even thought of ending up into a user experience designer as well. But by the time he turned 16, he had set his mind to become an Entrepreneur!

Together with Store Pickup, we will look at the success of this man in Teespring Case Study.

Teespring Case Study – Who is Walker Williams

He officially began his career with Sling Media (an EchoStar Company) as a Junior Designer in June 2008, where he was responsible for the designing and programming.

A year before this i.e. in 2007, he had also started his venture called – Jobzle! Jobzle allowed businesses to quickly & easily post part-time jobs and internships to college students. So whether you needed a babysitter for the weekend or a tutor for the term, Jobzle had you covered. This portal ran for about 4 years, post which, he shut it down.

After this 6-month stint, he moved on to join Sprowtt and then HygeaShare for roughly 3 months and 5 months, respectively. At both the companies, his profile mainly consisted of web developing and designing.

In February 2009, he took another leap and joined Rhode Island-based Loffles, again as a Lead Designer and went on to work with them for about a year and a half.

Pos this job, he joined GOE a.k.a GOElectric (the electric car initiative and management system company) as a Lead Designer / Project Manager for about 7 months.

Later in May 2011, Walker took up his last job with Vcharge as a Marketing / branding contractor for about 5 months, post which, he started Teespring.com!

Teespring Case Study – The Idea of Teespring

Teespring functions on a pretty simplified business model, wherein it provides a platform to all the individuals who wish to create, display and sell custom products. They are also required to design and market the product themselves.

In exchange, Teespring handles the production and distribution and fulfils the orders for the campaigns that have reached their sales goal, and also ships them for them for the sellers too.

To fulfil these orders, Teespring does not produce the apparels, but instead, it sources them from third-party brands, such as – Hanes, Gildan Activewear, American Apparel, LAT Sportswear, Bella, Rabbit Skins, canvas Ringspun, etc…

Now the profits cannot be standardized, as they depend on certain variable factors, three to be more specific –

– The type of product chosen

– The amount of colours used in the design

– And the price set by the campaign creator

Higher the quality of products and the use of designs (with multiple colours), higher will be the base price! Eventually, after the campaign ends, both – Teespring and the campaign creator collect a portion of the profit.

It works in an unorthodox pattern, wherein, people pre-order from your merchandise, and when the campaign ends, Teespring transfers you the money you made.