Top 7 effective marketing tools for online software business

If a business wants to focus on online marketing, finding effective and cost-saving marketing tools is certainly important and necessary.

Thus, I would like to share a general view about internet marketing tools with you,  this article is synthesized from my working experience during five years at some retailers.

I will divided 7 marketing tools into four groups depending on purposes of the marketers.

1. Group 1: Traffic generators

These tools have functions to attract more visitors to your website. This is also the first step in marketing process.

  • Google AdWords: Search and display ads
  • SEO

2. Group 2: Remarketing

The purpose of this group is to stay engaged with people who previously visited the website and make them gradually absorb the brand recognition. When having demands to buy products, they will use searching tools to look for the products. At that time, Google AdWords and SEO will take better effect.

  • Adroll
  • Facebook ads

 3. Group 3: Email marketing

This group only works when Customers have purchased products. One of the basic mistakes in using email marketing is that store owners often send promotional emails to all Customers who previously purchased while they are only allowed to send emails to people in the subscriber list. This action may result in the high complaints rate and those emails moved to spam. It will become more serious if your domain is listed in the blacklist. To deal with it, the store owners should ask Customers to opt-in to their mailing lists first. The key here is PERMISSION!

 4. Group 4: Blog

In addition to providing information about your products and services, ecommerce blog can be used to present helpful knowledge about your field. Like in this article about best air purifiers for baby, you will learn everything to save your baby. That’s cool.

Thanks for reading and hope that it is helpful for you!